What is Free the Noise?

Free the Noise is a noise generator. Using the latest web technologies available in modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, you can use this site to generate and enjoy uncompressed, random white noise, pink noise, or brown noise from your browser.

What are white, pink and brown noise?

They are special sounds, that have a specific frequency content, defined by signal mathematical theory. Each of these noise types is constructed in a different way, resulting in a different frequency content.
You can read more complete information on Wikipedia: white noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

Why is it useful?

Because of their frequency content, white, pink, and brown noise have a special effect on the brain, and can help to concentrate, relax or sleep.
You can for example use Free The Noise to help concentrate if you want to work or read in a noisy environment, to take a nap in public transports, etc.

How can I can play a noise?

1. Go to freethenoise.com,

2. Click on noise type (white, pink, or brown),

3. Adjust volume if necessary.

What does the “Oscillate Volume” option do?

This option activates automatic variation of the volume to create a “sea like” wave sound.

Is there an iPhone/Android App?

There are no iPhone or Android app for now, and there is no plan to make any. However you can easily use Free the Noise on your phone by visiting freethenoise.com in your mobile browser.

Do I need a specific browser to use Free the Noise?

No, Free the Noise has been tested and works with recent versions of all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (desktop, iPhone and iPad versions). Older browsers may not work.

Can I use Free the Noise on my iPhone/Android phone?

Yes, the player will work normally and the layout will automatically adapt itself to small screens.

Does this use compressed mp3 or ogg files?

Both mp3 and ogg are lossy audio codecs to store audio content. To enjoy true white noise, pink noise, or brown noise, the sound should not be compressed. Compression removes some of the frequencies and may change the true randomness of the noise.

Not only does Free the Noise not use compressed audio, it doesn’t use audio samples at all! On modern browsers, Free the Noise dynamically creates the noise, giving each visitor completely unique and completely random noise.

I have JavaScript disabled in my browser, can I still use Free the Noise?

Sorry, no. Please activate JavaScript.

The player does not work! What can I do?

Please contact us, and describe your problem. We will do our best to fix it.